These terms and conditions govern the booking of rental cars in the Canary Islands through Tourismia Sarl ("Tourismia"), owner and manager of the website

The legal notice of Tourismia is available on the website

There is no contractual relationship between the client making the reservation and Tourismia.

The use of the Tourismia booking services implies the conclusion of a contract in the Canary Islands, between the customer and the car rental company.

The use of the website and the services of Tourismia implies the full acceptance of the terms and conditions as set out below.

1) Quote request

Any request for quotation must be made on the website

Tourismia reserves the right not to respond to an incomplete or misleading quote request.

Tourismia can not be held responsible in the event of absence of answer if a wrong e-mail address has been communicated in the quote request.

Tourismia advises the customer to request a quote in advance so that the renter can confirm the availability of the car.

2) Conditions of car rental

Car rental conditions are those of car rental companies.

The rental price includes:

- Unlimited mileage
- Local taxes
- Second free driver (to mention on the rental contract)
- Child seats and free booster seats
- Modification of reservation without fees
- All risks insurance without deductibles (deductible only for luxury cars)

The rental price does not include:

- Repairs due to tire and wheel damage It is forbidden to drive the vehicle outside tarred roads (tracks and unpaved roads, beaches, unpaved country roads, etc.)
- Loss, breakage or damage to vehicle keys or vehicle remotes
- Repair and damage due to fuel type error
- Losses and accidents caused by careless driving, or under the influence of alcohol or other prohibited substances
- The reimbursement of goods that could be stolen inside the vehicle or damaged during transport
- Fines and losses resulting from improper parking of the car
- Fines for any offense

Other conditions:

- The minimum rental age is 23 years (except for some high-end vehicles that require a minimum of 25 years and 3 years of driving license)
- The driving license must be valid in Europe and the driver of the car must have it for a minimum of 1 year
- The customer must return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as the existing one when removing the car
- The vehicle can not be driven by persons not expressly listed on the rental contract
- Vehicles can not go from one island to another unless written permission from the car rental company.
- The fines are the responsibility of the customer

3) Booking

The reservation becomes firm and final when Tourismia has received all the data required for the booking, the data of the driver's license, when Tourismia has received the payment of its service fees, and when the customer has received the booking confirmation from the rental car from

After receiving a booking confirmation from the car rental company, e-mail the booking confirmation to the customer.


4) Payment

To validate the booking request, the customer pays a service fee to Tourismia.

Payments are secured by PayPal.

The customer pays with a credit card or with a PayPal account.

The name Tourismia will appear on the customer's bank statement for the corresponding amount.

Car rental is paid to the car rental company in the Canary Islands when the car is removed.

5) Booking modification

Any modification of the booking of the rental car must be made by e-mail to and not directly from the car rental company.

To be valid, a reservation modification must be confirmed by by e-mail.

After receiving a booking confirmation from the car renter, sends the booking confirmation confirmation to the customer by e-mail.

6) Booking cancelation

Any cancellation of the booking of the rental car must be made by e-mail to and not directly from the car rental company.

In case of cancellation of the reservation by the customer, the amount paid to Tourismia is not refunded.

A non presentation of the customer to withdraw the car entails the non reimbursement of the amount paid to Tourismia.

7) Technical impossibility

In case of technical impossibility to send e-mails, the customer will contact Tourismia by mail or by phone at the number communicated by

Due to the growing number of filters and spam protection at Internet Service Providers, it is possible that or the customer does not receive an email.

In the absence of an answer from within 7 days, the customer will also contact Tourismia by mail or phone.

8) Pick up in the Canary Islands

The client must arrive at the day, time and place mentioned on the booking confirmation sent by Tourismia via

In the event of late or delayed arrival or last-minute disqualification, the customer must directly inform the renter whose address and telephone number appear on the booking confirmation and the amount paid to Tourismia is not reimbursed.

9) Interruption of car rental

In case of interruption of the rental car by the customer, the car rental company will not make any refund unless otherwise advised by the car rental company.

10) Insurance

Tourismia is not a travel agency.

It is therefore recommended to the customer to conclude at least a cancellation-type travel insurance or travel sickness type.

It is the customer's responsibility to take out insurance.

11) Modification of terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

It is the customer's responsibility to consult for the latest published version of these terms and conditions.

12) Proof

In case of dispute, e-mails registered by Tourismia via have the force of proof.

The dates and times of e-mails are those recorded by Tourismia via when receiving or sending e-mails.

13) Disclaimer

Tourismia can not be held responsible for:

(i) any punitive, special, indirect or consequential loss or damage, loss of production, loss of profit, loss of income, loss of business opportunity, loss or damage to the mark or reputation, or loss of right to compensation;

(ii) any inaccuracy related to the information of the car rental company (including its rates and availability) provided by the car rental company;

(iii) any services provided or products offered by the car rental company;

(iv) any damages, losses and costs (punitive, special, indirect or consequential) incurred, suffered or paid by the customer, attributable to, arising from or related to the use of our website, the impossibility of its use or its slowdown;

or (v) any bodily injury, death, property damage or other damages, losses or costs (direct, indirect, special, consequential or punitive) suffered or paid by the customer, whether due to (legal) acts, errors, misconduct, (serious) negligence, willful misconduct, omissions, breach of contract, misrepresentation of facts, wrong or objective liability attributable in whole or in part to the car rental company (its employees, its management, its officers, agents, representatives or affiliates), including any cancellation (even partial), overbooking, strike, force majeure or other event beyond the control of Tourismia.

14) Confidentiality

Tourismia applies a demanding professional code of ethics and is committed to respecting the customer's data.

With the exception of the communication of personal details and booking data to the car rental company as well as disclosures of information required by law, Tourismia does not communicate the customer information to third parties without its consent.

15) Claim

Any complaint relating to the non-performance or the poor execution of the booking must be sent to Tourismia Sarl by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

A claim must be made within 7 days of delivery of the car to the Canary Islands.

The claim may be forwarded by Tourismia to the car rental company but it can not give rise to repair by Tourismia of any damage, the service having been performed by the car rental company.

16) Attribution of jurisdiction

The present terms and conditions are subject to and governed by the Luxembourg law, Tourismia Sarl having its seat in Luxembourg.

Any dispute arising from these terms and conditions must be brought to the attention of the competent authorities in Luxembourg only.